Parenting & community engagement in times of Covid-19: The Montessori Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented stress to families, trying to maintain a work-family balance. With schools and daycare facilities closed, parents are solely responsible for childcare and perhaps even homeschooling.  The work-family balance has become increasingly challenging and uncertainty remains around when schools will reopen. To meet the social and emotional needs of children, as well as the adults …

To all members

Dear Member, I hope that you all continue to remain safe and well despite the continuing unsettling times in which we live. Over the past few weeks since my message of April 6th, I have been constantly amazed and proud of the extraordinary efforts that you all are making to adapt to the current circumstances. The collaborative efforts made to …

Playful Learning and Montessori Education

Dr Angeline Lillard’s latest research on fantasy: “Regarding children’s love of and need for fantasy, recent research suggests that our tendency to think young children prefer fantasy may be misguided.” Read more