Montessori Training for East Pokot Teachers


This initiative support members from the Pokot community to train as Montessori teachers and gain a nationally recognised teaching qualification. Skilled and motivated teachers from the local community are key to increasing access to quality education and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in the East Pokot region.

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East Pokot is one of the poorest areas of Kenya, characterised by rapid population growth, weak infrastructure and low literacy rates. A large part of the population are pastoralists who live a traditional life . Children have little access to schools due to a lack of trained teachers and poor infrastructure in the region. Many children are not able to attend school or are forced to drop out at a young age and early childhood education in particular is not widely available.


Building on the experience and learning of the Corner of Hope model, at least seven trainees from the Pokot community will be identified to complete the two-year certificate course, one year of full-time training followed by a year of in-service, where they will be working in the classroom with continuous mentorship support. During the training, the teachers will complete their own set of Montessori materials, enabling them to set up a Montessori classroom wherever they go.

Long-Term Impact

The initiative will offer training to motivated individuals to become Montessori teachers with a nationally recognised teacher qualification, who will set up Montessori classrooms for children from East Pokot. The first years of life are a crucial foundation for life-long learning. Montessori education supports children to develop important skills such as social competence, critical thinking and reasoning. It prepares children to be responsible and respectful of others and their environment.


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