Matalai Foundation: Montessori Samburu

The Samburu nomadic school initiative has started in 2018 with a community engagement programme. Four Samburu teachers are undertaking their 3-6 training and two teachers from Corner of Hope have moved to the region and will act as senior members of this new team. A central resource centre will be established in the latter part of 2018 and subsequently the teachers will set up satellite schools that will follow the movement and settlement patterns of the Samburu who, as pastoral nomads, travel for water and fresh pastures for their animals. A team of four teachers (2 senior teachers from Corner of Hope and 2 Samburu trainees on attachment) is now based in the Namunyak Conservancy and visits the Ntaparani and Tintil settlement areas to work with the children and parents in temporary Montessori environments.


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