Our Initiatives

Montessori Training for East Pokot Teachers

This initiative will provide members from the Pokot community with the opportunity to become Montessori teachers and gain a nationally recognised teaching qualification. Skilled and motivated teachers from the local community are key to increasing access to quality education and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in the East Pokot region

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Corner of Hope

The Corner of Hope is a pilot initiative to show how Montessori Teacher Training and Schools can be delivered to the most vulnerable communities such as those in refugee, transit and IDP Camps. 

Its aim is self-reliance not dependence, community not school. Self ownership and control, dignity and self worth which all play an important role in overcoming the effects of trauma experienced by the inhabitants of the camps.

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Montessori Global Growth Fund (MGGF)

Our mission is to “Free the Child’s Infinite Potential” by funding Montessori initiatives in under-resourced communities anywhere in the world. We’ve made recent grants in the U.S., East and South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and India.

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