Parenting & community engagement in times of Covid-19: The Montessori Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented stress to families, trying to maintain a work-family balance. With schools and daycare facilities closed, parents are solely responsible for childcare and perhaps even homeschooling.  The work-family balance has become increasingly challenging and uncertainty remains around when schools will reopen.

To meet the social and emotional needs of children, as well as the adults who care for them, there is need to orient ourselves to the new situation – and the sooner we accept this the faster we will be able to live a balanced life as children are looking up to us.  We need to cater for the needs of children, while coexisting with the other members of the family.  Montessori principles provide a good guidance on the ways to support children and lead a happy family life during these difficult times.

Montessori for Kenya has organized a Webinar to orient the general public on the best ways to support children and other members of the family at home to live a happy life.  We invite you all to come together during this Webinar to reflect and plan to support education as an aid to life.

Our guest speaker Helen Mohan Elias has vast experience in introducing Montessori principles into missionary and government schools in India and will share her knowledge on Parenting and Community engagement during these challenging times.

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